• 4 Reasons You Should Use Animated Explainer Videos for Your Business!

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    When you are running a small business you need to wisely capitalize your advertising budget because you really don’t have money to burn. What you need is a cost-effective marketing tool that offers a return on your investment.

    If you want people to emotionally connect with your content, animated explainer video is an investment worth making. This video would entitle your business to a large list of benefits making your investment worth it every time.

    Have a look at how video marketing would promote your business.

    1) Easiest Way to Explain Your Business

    A marketing video helps your business draw people’s attention and can explain your business in few seconds. People love videos being shown rather than a complex block of text. Most people learn visually, which means animation is a great way to facilitate understanding.

    2) Increase in Sales

    Research has shown that animated explainer videos grow conversions over 30% on average. Marketing videos are the perfect pitch every time. They engage the viewer and can potentially turn them into a customer.

    3) Boost Your Search Engine Optimization

    Image Credits: www.ahrefs.com

    Besides providing you with a significant increase in conversion rates, video animation helps you boost search engine optimization for your business resulting in an increase in viewer time on the website. Uploading them on YouTube would also increase your visibility. YouTube is regarded as the 2nd largest search engine and if you have videos there they will show up in thumbnail searches in Google.

    4) Builds Brand Trust

    Animated characters, colors and visual elements helps you build your brand, getting your target audience closer and converting your customers into loyal brand promoters. Animated explainer videos allows your audience to instantly recognize your brand. Moreover, carrying over your brand style is extremely important for brand recognition.

    Explainer videos are a huge asset to companies, particularly if they are web-based. Video marketing has become one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to promote a brand. It plays a key role in its advertising, marketing and promotion of a business that can give it the edge they need.

    Due to all these marketing benefits, it’s no wonder that 52% of marketers from all over the world have chosen videos as the online content with the best return on investment. In order to capitalize on this, you should get an animated explainer video made by a professional video company to ensure that you are investing in something that would realize your long-term goals.


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