• Logo Design Firm vs. Freelance Designers, Which One You Prefer?

    Most people find themselves stuck in the bewilderment of choosing a profession. After a struggle of brainstorming, personality analysis, and checking the demands of the market they pick one but still many designers could not decide which way to head- to live a life of a freelancer or be an employee [...]

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  • Secret ways to brainstorm your logo ideas- Part 2

    As we all know, a branding is the most enhanced and efficient methodology to improve brand recognition. Most specifically, your business logo should look highly professional and eye-catchy. In this article, we have further elaborated the secret ways to brainstorm your logo ideas, so keep reading [...]

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  • Secret ways to brainstorm your logo ideas- Part 1

    Your logo represents your company and is going to be the first thing your customers, competitors and almost everyone on Earth links your business with from now to forever. Therefore, it should be good! But carving a cool, unique, design-first, professional logo design is easier said than done, [...]

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  • Why Small Businesses Need A Custom Logo Design?

    Despite knowing the importance of creating a strong logo, small business owners often ignore investing money and time to design a strong logo. They underestimate the role of the first impression in creating a strong brand image. If you look around and randomly pick a couple of small businesses, you [...]

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  • Key Factors to Keep in Mind for an Effective Logo Design

    A logo is not just fancy lines, colors and fonts put together, it’s a lot more than that, your logo is the visual representation of your company. Your logo design should be unique, simple, timeless, and memorable. Designing it is not an easy task, it takes a lot of effort, study and research to [...]

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