• Key Factors to Keep in Mind for an Effective Logo Design

    A logo is not just fancy lines, colors and fonts put together, it’s a lot more than that, your logo is the visual representation of your company. Your logo design should be unique, simple, timeless, and memorable. Designing it is not an easy task, it takes a lot of effort, study and research to [...]

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  • Identifying the Need for a New Logo Design!!

    Your business’s identity plays a significant part in its success. A professional logo design portrays a positive image of the company and is able to communicate with its target audience effectively. Your brand definitely needs to be memorable and able to influence the public. If the face of [...]

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  • 4 Surprising Facts You Need to Know about Nike’s Iconic Logo Design

    Nike is one of the most iconic American brand, recognized instantly around the world with its “Swoosh” logo design. Nike, having presence in more than 120 countries, sells a wide range of products apart from its famous sports shoes. Formed with just two curved lines, Nike’s simple and [...]

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