• Identifying the Need for a New Logo Design!!

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    Your business’s identity plays a significant part in its success. A professional logo design portrays a positive image of the company and is able to communicate with its target audience effectively. Your brand definitely needs to be memorable and able to influence the public.

    If the face of the business fails to accomplish its core objective and is not able to communicate the message of the company, change is certain.

    Not always, businesses opt for a fresh logo design due to its failure to convey the message. There are several other situations that lead towards the evolution of a new brand identity

    1) Change in name of the business.

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    Stakeholders of Hershey Food Corporation, commonly known as Hershey’s, voted for a change in its name. The company was renamed as The Hershey Company that resulted in the change of its logo design. It is obvious when you change the name of your business, you certainly need to re-brand as putting a new name with the old logo would create doubts in the minds of its customers. A new name with a new brand identity would definitely make the change more noticeable.

    2- Change in the way you work

    A change in the structure of an organization or the way it work may highlight the need of a new logo design. It help them communicate that the organization is undergoing change.

    3- A new target audience

    Whenever you want to shift your focus towards a different audience, re-branding is the one of the most significant tools to reflect the change.

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    Johnnie Walker came with a new identity demonstrating a more detailed character with a change in its label to attract relatively younger audience.

    4- Changing products & services

    When you have a change in the services you offer, you can reflect it or communicate it to your clients by undergoing the re-branding process. Similarly, if you direct your focus towards providing solutions to different problems, a change in the brand identity would definitely help.

    So, whenever you decide to go for re-branding for your business, look for a solid reason to do it. Remember that opting in favor of a new logo design not only means that you invest money but you also invest time, so choose wisely.

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