• Key Factors to Keep in Mind for an Effective Logo Design


    A logo is not just fancy lines, colors and fonts put together, it’s a lot more than that, your logo is the visual representation of your company. Your logo design should be unique, simple, timeless, and memorable. Designing it is not an easy task, it takes a lot of effort, study and research to make a design that reflects your brand identity through simple colors and memorable designs.

    Listed are some of the elements to keep in mind when creating an effective logo design

    Simple design and color scheme selection:


    One of the most important factor while designing a logo is that the color and design selection should be unique, simple and eye catching. Putting up complicated shapes in your logo design often confuses the target audience and fails to deliver the message. Another reason for keeping your identity simple is that you could identify it when u see it on different scales (websites, business cards, billboards)

    Gets Recognition:

    Any graphic designer or a branding agency can design a logo but it takes more than that to be able to create an identity that has uniqueness and simplicity to get recognized instantly when even a small glimpse of it is revealed.

    The best examples are Nike, CNN, SHELL

    They say “the first impressions are the most lasting”,  a logo is  often the first thing people notice when they see any brand so it’s very important to give your identity  that uniqueness that it gets recognized easily and people do not have to try hard to memorize it.

    Should be Relevant to the Nature of Business:


    It’s not important to have a great looking logo design, if it’s not reflecting the core values and nature of your business it may end up giving a wrong impression about the company and fail to deliver the actual message that would eventually hurt sales. A relevant logo will accurately reflect the sensation or vibe of the business either factually or symbolically.If you can show your clients your identity is not simply a narrow piece of artwork but comprises of deep thinking and thorough philosophy that reflects true representation of the brand they’ll love it, and cherish you for the rest of their lives.


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