• Logo Design Firm vs. Freelance Designers, Which One You Prefer?

    Freelancer vs Logo Agency

    Most people find themselves stuck in the bewilderment of choosing a profession. After a struggle of brainstorming, personality analysis, and checking the demands of the market they pick one but still many designers could not decide which way to head- to live a life of a freelancer or be an employee at a logo design firm. You do not have to get into a fistfight in deciding whether to work as a freelancer or to pave your way to a reputable company. Remember with every occupation and in every field, you enter you will find some perks and pitfalls, what you have to do is take a note and analyze the elements that matter the most.

    In this blogs, I have stated the advantages and disadvantages of working at a logo design company or starting your career as a freelancer. Keep reading!

    1. Workload


    When working as a freelancer, you have the option of managing your workload as per your routine. Moreover, you can also choose between the types of project you like to choose. Nobody is there to order you for completing one; you are the master of your own desire.


    On the contrary, when working at a logo design firm you will be given task and project, which you might not like and would find difficult to complete. In addition, there are some deadlines to within which you have to perform that task along with handling many other matters. Where workload is one negative factor of not choosing an agency one thing that can motivate you is skill development. By working in a company, you get to learn more skills and have the option to seek the guidance from experienced personnel too.

    1. Rewards/ Freedom


    Working as a freelancer could give you a rewarding experience and could be a horrible one. If you are an experienced designer people would love to hire you over and over again, which means double income and greater savings. Whereas when you do not succeed in persuading customer about your expertise, you may experience a downfall in your professional career.


    Working at a firm too depends on two conditions if your working environment is favorable you will enjoy good rewards and bonuses, however, if things are not that proper you will be rotten and grilled by your managers in completing the projects.

    1. Fun-Filled Factors


    Freelancing is a profession in which you could get lonely sometimes. It’s not amazing to work all the time alone sitting in front of your PC and shutting yourself in a room. Most freelancers get bored quickly and they become distracted too. Where freelancing is boring, it also provides you an opportunity to live your life on your terms.


    Life of an employee can be as bright as the sunshine or as dark as a cave. On one hand, you enjoy the company of your coworkers, while on the other it feels like that you are trapped in the burden of projects.

    In short, what I suggest it’s good to enjoy the taste of every fruit. You should spend some time in your career as a freelancer and then as an employee. In this way, it will become easier for you to pick the right one.

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