• Why Small Businesses Need A Custom Logo Design?

    Despite knowing the importance of creating a strong logo, small business owners often ignore investing money and time to design a strong logo. They underestimate the role of the first impression in creating a strong brand image. If you look around and randomly pick a couple of small businesses, you [...]

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  • Key Factors to Keep in Mind for an Effective Logo Design

    A logo is not just fancy lines, colors and fonts put together, it’s a lot more than that, your logo is the visual representation of your company. Your logo design should be unique, simple, timeless, and memorable. Designing it is not an easy task, it takes a lot of effort, study and research to [...]

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  • 6 Steps of Video Animation

    In this article we are going to take you through six essential steps of animation in detail. These are the general steps an animator usually goes through while working on a project. Every animator has their own way of working but for a beginner, this is definitely a fool proof system. STEP ONE [...]

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  • Understanding Color Psychology in Branding!!

      Colors are an important part of our lives, they define different layers of our personalities, add a flare to our daily lives and enable us to see the beauty in this world. While we love living in this colorful world, we often fail to truly understand the psychology behind use of colors [...]

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  • 3 Signs That Your Brand is Losing Focus!!

    Developing a marketing strategy is vital for every business. In order to adapt to the continuous changes and developments in the marketplace, companies tend to revise their marketing plans. Under such circumstances, there is always a possibility to lose focus from the brand’s principal [...]

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