• Secret ways to brainstorm your logo ideas- Part 1

    Your logo represents your company and is going to be the first thing your customers, competitors and almost everyone on Earth links your business with from now to forever. Therefore, it should be good!

    But carving a cool, unique, design-first, professional logo design is easier said than done, and greater chances are you’ll be racking your head badly to bring up solid ideas to your project.

    Here are some of the tips to brainstorm your logo.

    Guidelines #1: Stick to the brainstorming guidelines

    How you brainstorm your logo is quite similar to the way we brainstorm an article or a business plan — it’s all about sticking with the rules. But what are these rules? Brainstorming is not where you start censoring yourself, rather it is where you need to be very clear; you need to get everything out of your head and show it to the rest of the world.

    • Jot down every idea

    Write about all the ideas popping up in your mind, no matter how bizarre, silly, or terrible they sound to be. When you brainstorm an idea, you want a complete and detailed list of all your ideas. Even if you have got the worst idea ever, write it too. At times, the bad ideas stimulate more conversations and grab more attention, which later results in great ideas.

    • Select the right time

    Try to schedule the brainstorming logo concepts when you are at the acme of your creativity, be it an hour after dinner or a few hours after you wake up. Whenever you feel that your creativity is pouring out of your mind, it is better to brainstorm your ideas at that time.

    • Allow your ideas to fester

    After you have brainstormed a collection of logo ideas, give them a break for a while. Leave the list away and don’t look at it for around 24 hours. You are going to be surprised what you see with a fresh outlook.

    There is a lot more to conclude on this topic, you will find out more in the next sequel of this article.

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