• Secret ways to brainstorm your logo ideas- Part 2

    As we all know, a branding is the most enhanced and efficient methodology to improve brand recognition. Most specifically, your business logo should look highly professional and eye-catchy. In this article, we have further elaborated the secret ways to brainstorm your logo ideas, so keep reading the article.

    Guidelines #2: Be clear on your branding

    When you are looking for a logo design that compliments your brand, you need to be extremely clear, on what your business is all about. You need to think about your brand story, your visions, your mission and your objectives.

    Here are a few tips to get the answers to these questions:

    List out the adjectives that fit your business

    Is your brand formal, cool and sophisticated? Or welcoming, approachable and energetic? Work on the collection of adjectives that precisely describe your brand in a perfect way. Kick off with 15 to 20 ideas, and then confine it to the top three that feel like they are absolutely on point for your branding.

    List out the words that describe your brand

    Do you want you targeted audience to think you are creative and cutting-edge? Alternatively, is it essential to be deemed as reliable and credible? Come up with the best demonstration of how you wish to be exhibited in the industry—it will tell you much about your brand.

    List out the message you want to convey

    When people peek at your logo design, what is the feeling they want you to have when they first saw your logo? Do you want your targeted audience to be energized and excited? Or do you want them for having a sense of relaxation? The emotions you wish to evoke in your customers will tell you much about your brand objective.

    Guidelines #3: Determine the elements of logo to convey your brand message

    After getting a clear idea about branding, it’s time to get a design that can blow a new life to your story. However, how do you settle on which design elements are bets fit for your brand?

    How about making a design inspiration board?

    An inspiration board let you compile all of the things that touch your heart — be it painting or a logo or a color — at a single place. Later on, you can search for different patterns. This most likely means you should integrate blue color in the design. Does a vintage design catch your eyes the most? Go for a vintage-inspired logo.

    When searching for a company to get your custom logo design, make sure it has relevant experience and expertise in the domain. Moreover, do not forget to check the testimonials and reviews.

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